New Earth Advisory Board

The New Earth Advisory Board meets bi-annually and advises the Social Hotspots Database and the Handprinter projects. It is composed of distinguished members of the public and private sectors.14929155_s

New Earth Advisory Board members:

Chair: Raymond Robertson, Macalester college, Better Work Programme

  • Bill Guyton, World Cocoa Foundation
  • Patrick Maillet, ISEAL
  • Steven Rochlin, AccountAbility
  • Pierre Mazeau, Electricit√© De France/ ISO 26000
  • Tim Carey, Pepsi/ Quaker Oats
  • Raymond Roberston, Better Work Programme
  • Cody Sisco, Business for Social Responsibiity
  • Louise Dreyer, Danish Technical University
  • William Sonntag, EPA
  • Kyle Cahill, Blue Cross
  • Sergio Galeano, Georgia Pacific
  • Lorraine Smith, SustainAbility
  • Sonia Valdivia, United Nations Environment Programme
  • Annett Pagan, Winrock
  • Heather White, New Standards
  • Uri Kogan, HP
  • Audrey Seagraves, Good World Solutions
  • Petar Sobic, Resoursol
  • Michael Bride, UFCW
  • Andreas Ciroth, GreenDelta TC
  • Michele Shulz, Syngenta
  • Gina Vickery Niederman, University of Arkansas