The SHDB team offers sustainability intelligence, strategy and training services. 

We have expertise in life cycle assessments methods, supply chain analysis, ethical compliance and social responsibility strategy. We help our clients to better understand their social and environmental impacts, we recommend ways to reduce product and company sustainability footprints and ways to increase positive impacts on people and on the planet. We offer hands-on training services, as well as technical and methodological advice to companies, investors and practitioners.

8879634_sIntelligence: We provide data driven evaluations, social due diligence, social footprint assessments, and Social Life Cycle Assessment with a supply chain focus. Making use of the most up-to-date and transparent data and models, we provide an accurate portrait of the social and sustainability impacts of products, projects or companies.

We can work at different scales; make use of internal and private data resources as well as best available public data. We are at the forefront of data and methodological development while keeping a strong handle on well-established methods.

Contact us to discuss which type of assessment would best fit your needs.

11163901_sTraining: We help companies and practitioners to understand relevant methodologies and tools, and to achieve success in applying them.

Our training programs are designed to facilitate a high degree of independence and creative thinking in our clients. We tailor our trainings to different audiences and needs.  Trainings can focus on social impact assessment tools, methods or social responsibility strategy.  Because of our leadership role in creating many of the Social Life Cycle Assessment references and available tools, we have an in-depth knowledge and comprehensive perspective of current best practices. We offer Online Training Courses and in-person training sessions in companies or on-site for groups of 5 or more.

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6924612_sStrategy: We help organizations through the development of innovative solutions and partnerships to address social challenges.

Our research has shown that a vast majority of social risks can be associated with supply chains. What differentiates companies and investors are the actions that they take to systematically and continuously assess, prioritize, act upon, and reduce these risks, assessing the positive impacts of programs, and updating their priorities, in a continuous improvement and achievement cycle.  Our approach to strategy development is based on understanding the firm culture, context and level of influence, and proposing paths forward and collaborations that have the best potential to lower risks and create the most positive outcomes.

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