User portal capabilities

The SHDB project offers an online database that allows users to browse data on social risks by sector, country, or risk theme.  There are 227 countries and 57 economic sectors to choose from. The data comprehensively addresses social issues on human rights, working conditions, community impacts and governance issues, via a set of nearly 150 risk indicators grouped within 22 themes.  Risks are also expressed, whenever relevant, by country and sector.

Social Impact categories and themes included in the SHDB user portal and licenses

 SHDB Theme Hierarchy

The Web Portal has three main capabilities.

The user has the ability to:

  1. Visualize Global Sector Risks on a map for a Specified Issue,

  2. Analyze Risks for Multiple Issues in a Supply Chain for selected Country-specific Sectors (CSS), and

  3. Compare the Social Hotspot Indexes for Country-specific Sectors and Identify the Major Contributing Themes within a Category

1. Visualize

By selecting the first function, the user can visualize the risk for particular social issues of interest on a global map. The risks can be viewed at the country-level for all countries, or by identifying one of 57 sectors. It is also possible to drill down to a specific country or region with a zoom feature. By panning the mouse over a country of interest, one can view all of the metadata used to identify the risk level of low, medium, high, or very high. The metadata includes indicator data, source, risk characterization method, and other notes.

Map pic

 2. Analyze

A bar chart showing multiple risks for a small supply chain is available by choosing the second function. The user will be asked to identify 5 country-specific sectors in their supply chain (alternatively, country-level can be chosen if a sector is not known). For each of the five Social Impact Categories, Labor Rights, Health & Safety, Human Rights, Governance, and Community, an unlimited number of relevant Social Issues of interest can be selected to view the risk. Again, by panning the mouse over the bars in the chart, all the metadata is available necessary for determining the risk level.

 Bar chart

 3. Compare

The third option provides the user with an analysis of a small supply chain using the Social Hotspot Index, which aggregates risks of multiple issues for better comparison and decision-making. For up to five country-specific sectors in a supply chain, the user is shown a bar chart with the five Category-specific Social Hotspot Indexes. To understand what Social Themes within each Category affect the Social Hotspot Index the most, a map is also included with pie charts on each of the chosen countries. Each wedge of the pie represents the average risk for the Theme (which may include one or more Issue risks).

 SHI and Theme Contribution Pic

New functionalities and data will be made available through a new release approximately every 3 months. Information on new releases will be provided in the SHDB newsletter.